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            Testimonies Continued
 Joy is my birthright!
   Now is your time!
Dear Eirene,
I can't thank you enough for your healing today! Miraculously, the pain in my injured arm, that I have had for almost a year is gone! I am so relaxed and feel so balance and at peace.  When you did the "Light Throwing" , I fell deep asleep, on another level, almost as if I had just woken up from anesthesia.  You are a special true healer, I am so grateful for you.  Love & light Merrie.
Dear Eirene,
To be at peace with myself is something I have never experienced.  The only way I ever felt comfortable is to be one with nature.  With the techniques you have mastered I am now at peace with myself.  With much appreciation Alan Deutsch
Dear Eirene,
I came across your service by pur accident.  I was online, after a recent lay off.  In my search for career change, I was exploring holistic career options and your website came up.  I spoke to a Medium from Colorad hoping to find guidance for my life decisions.  After  my phone call with her I was distressed would be an understatement.  The turmoil I had would equal to someone who's Doctor, after a series of tests would tell the patient that they have a terminal cancer, when in reality the patitnt din't have serious symtpms to begin with.  I was frantic in findin someone who could hel pem, because the phone convertion left me shattered and lost.  With this emotional  upset I called the one per, Dr. Eirene who when I hear her voice I sensed that I would eventually find peace of mind..little did I know. 
I honestly believe,d that if I didn't see you at the time of need I would have analyzed the conversation that I had with the Medium which most likely would have forced me into some sort of long term psychological therapy.  The first thing I want to express is my gratitude for your imediate response to my distress.  I consider mysel open minded and flexible, however some modalitiss at first mad e me uncomfortable.  I soon realized that you are incredible gifted in your field.  Whe you said it shouldn't take more than a few days to open up my energy, not only did I quite understand what you meant by my energy blockage, but my chatter told me that it will probable take much longer considering my own turmoil.  The first day I was in awe of your ability to brink me back to my childhood, since I remember very litt, and as you know, that was a tremedous emotional release.  And when you told me my deceased father was present, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  I left knowing there is something to all the modalities you use and was anxious to come back to more the next day.  The next day you continued your work on me with various methods of healing.  There wasnt'a a single moment tht I didn't feel some progress.  At the end when you told me my father was present, and answered a question that has lingered and gnawed at my consciousness and sub consciouness for mmany years, itw was such a relief that I didn't even have any anger.  And his acknowledgement of my liver and kidney issues blew me away.  NO one but my doctor and mother know that information.  After I felt like a heavy boulder was lifted off my shoulders.  Even the best colonoscopy couldn't match this cleansing.
I believe that there is a reason for everything, and I am extremely grateful that you have entered into my life.  I know that our growth is constant, and there is an ongoing need for professional and creative help along the way, so I know for sure I will stay in contact.  I can't possible express my gratitude enought for how you brought me to a much more peaceful existence.  Thank you so much, Sincerely, Beth
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