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Services- Circle of Transformation Youth & Health

Meta-transfer Mediation Treatment

Energy medicine at it's best! The session includes up to 42 tools to increase your vibrations and help to facilate healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and etheric level.    



indivualized program 

Losing weight

Anti-aging (Ann Wigmore Program)

Reiki Certification 
Levels I,II,III & Masters

Japanese modality that facilitates Healing.





Pet & Trees 
See what your loving
animals are trying to
Clearing Home
Clear your home
of negativity.

Church meetings Sundays-Via Zoom until further notice.
11:30 am-12:30 am 

Hair Analysis
Find out what 
in your body from your life time .
Long Distant
Whatever you are experiencing you can have a healing from your home

Ultra Science Of Love

  • Learn to transform every relationship in your life, and you.

Meta-transfer Certification

Takes you beyond Reiki..

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