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Eirene is a qualified Higher Vibrational Mediator Empath who  mediates loved ones and Masters from the other side of the Mirror (Akashic Records). She helps you increase your vibrations and utilizes the tools that are given via mediation to balance your life.  She is also an energy medicine healer and Reiki Master.  She has a Doctorate and a Ph.d in Naturology ( which looks at the body, mind, and soul, holistic approach), Masters in Mentally Handicapped, Bachelor in Professional Studies, (looks at all inclusive of all cultures). Other useful protocols are Cranial, Circular breathing (rebirthing) practice, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Shamanism, Past Life Regression, Soul retrievals, (and a combination of both the past life and soul retrieval), Balancing the Chakras, and an ordain Reverend. Her capabilities of reading the inner physician and communicating with masters on the other side helps the Receivers (clients) to understand their inner emotions that need to be released. 

She has authored The Energy Quest-her journey and how to heal, and is in the process of doing several other books that will be forthcoming soon. She has given  lectures in the community and business organizations on mediation, health, and emotional releases. She dedicated to practicing  Kundalini yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation to continue in the process of Ascension.

Eirene  has appeared on Channel Six and published several articles in magazines such as Natural Awakening and Health Magazine.  

Being a Higher Vibrational Mediator Educator that educates allows Eirene through connection to her guide Michael, and the Masters to give you individual information on what tools to raise your vibrations to bring you to your purpose and mission, thus helping you heal yourself in unconditional love relationships to include loving YOU, losing weight, anti-aging, staying in the present moment, bring you to a state of the PEACE that passes all understanding leading to JOY and CELEBRATION of life.  Why wait to go to HEAVEN when you can start the journey today?

Check all our services aligning you back home to your heart in peace and abundance. No more FEARS of disease, gaining weight, aging, aloneness, in turn you will be free, as you will come to the truths that set you free! We share that love and light ...Eirene

 Message from Eirene..
 I started my journey thirty years ago when I was looking at staying laying on the couch and not even being able to walk. I was on three medications Lopresser for the heart, Foxsomax for the osteoporosis, and arithiris medication, and using Tums as my stomach was taking a dive and on the way to destruction physcially and emotionally. Later years I came to find out I was very very lucky that I got off all of these especially Foxsomax that is causing cancer in people.  I also was on Xanax and Valium because of panic attacks.  Again Divinity saved me as I had this mission to fullfill.  You see drugs change your brain chemistry sometimes permenantely.  Anyhow I have to thanks my brother as he saved my life twice.  First time when I couldn't walk as I had degenerative disease down my spine and pain from my bones shooting to my muscles. He told me to start jucicing, stop eating meats, and start exercising (which the docters had told me to stop) I did just that I kept the fish and started juicing and I threw away my pills (which I do not suggest a bright idea but I did).I would walk a few blocks then maybe run one block visualizing two angels holdig me up. Guess what my body started to respond and I started to educate myself on health and take responsiblity for my life and instead of putting it in someone elses hands.  By that time I created a big fibroid because of eating sugar as I had researched and found sugars and meats feed tumors and fibroids.  I fired my gynocologis doctor of many years and got another one, taking chaste berry that in England help dissolve the fibroid.  I got another doctor and she watched me for one year and a half and my fibroid disappered and no historectomy. As far as the panic attacks I was in an abusive marriage and having many attacks but when I got divorced I prayed and went cold turkey of them with a promise I would never ever touch a pill again, which I have kept up to this day.  On my journey I contracted pinworms and one of the possible side effects of the pill is a tumor in the pancreatic and that is what I got, and the doctor suggested taking out the organ along with the gallbladder saying I had a 50% chance to live through it.  My brother saved me again and told me stop cooking, thought he was nuts but I was juicing already and at a supermarket buying my greens met a lady that was suppose to have open heart surgery and she told me she healed and told me stop cooking, and my husband came and give me a flyer that was to go away for ten days to be raw which I did and healed.  All synchroncity saved by the Light. Not only did I get rid of the tumor saving my life as the doctor said most likely cancerous, but the blood in my urine I had for years that the doctors couldn't figure healed, I lost ten pounds in ten days, but the bigest gift was my awakening when in one second in time I remembered who I was more then this body/mind but soul.  In  one moment in time what I perceive was that I was seeing through the soul's eyes. I called at that time the girl that had taught me Reiki and she said, "You had an awakening! She referred to the book The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and was able to recognise what had taken place.  I call it seeing through the souls eyes the REAL YOU, Eckhart Tolle calls it being in the Now, Wayner Dyer calls it being in Spirit.  It really remember you are not your body, mind and you are Soul..You don't have a soul you are a soulite.  That night I was mediating and I saw myself engulfed in a golden sphere and I could see my inner body had turned gold. I was quite an experience to say the least. Then I was told that my false self (ego) would start breaking up as I saw imprints and negative emotions that needed to be release. I was instructed to drink Distilled Water and coconuts to support the crystalling of the body.  From that date the journey has lead be to be unconditional love in joy, peace, and health thus being a Heaven here today and now.  My passion is for YOU to celebrate your life and learn the tools to health yourself and be Love and Peace. Enjoy the journey. We share that love and light..

LOVE IS ALL it encumbers all that is unconditional love, light, joy, peace, and health.  It is the Source of the Universe that sustains us and feeds us.  The acroyn for LOVE IS ALL is Lia a name that stands for ..She knows..or you can say WE know as we have all wisdom truths within us, a treasure waiting to be found. Is your life a balanced in all your areas of your life, in your relationships, health, emotions, mental state, spiritually, etherically, and without accidents? If your life is not a paradise as you view each aspect then you have come to the healing site that teaches you the tools you need to live a life of heaven.  The you become the REAL YOU.


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