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 Joy is my birthright!
   Now is your time!
Hola Eirene,
Enclosed is a love offering towards the gracious work you are doing for me.  Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for your words, kindness and exceptional work divined through our Creator.  This but a small way to express my thanks. God bless and protect you always, mi angelita, In faith, Julie.
Words will never express my gratitude for Divinity bringing you into my life.  Thank you so much for all you have done for me.  Your guidance, healing, teaching, unconditional love, and kindness.  You are a beauitiful soul inside and out.  I love you to life! Denise
Dr. Eirene performed a Spiritual Healing for me with me dealing with my inner child.  As a child I grew up in "A House of Horrors" to quote my closest cousin at that time.  When she guided me through my meditation I met with my most significant care givers from that house.  I was approximately 6 years old when I met with the 6 people involved.  I dealth with each one individually and jointly discussing many issues, traumas, and unanswered questions.  For 2 of these people we brought my identical twin sister into the home so we could deal with the trauma together as it involved both of us.  At the end of the session I had forgiven these people, understoond their pain and actions more clearly and left them with strong feelings of unconditional love.  In fact, at the end, my inner child was jumping up and down with joy in that home where i had mostly known only pain and suffering.  I understand how this works, but it does work. Somce this clearing I have not had any of the issues discussed arise within me again.  My twin will start to talk about them and there is no anger, guilt, remorse inside me.  I am totally neutral and at peace with these situations.  I have released them at some deep level, they are unimportant to me now and I feel a space inside that can be filled with positive experience.  I thank Divinity for sending me Eirene to me at a time in my life when I really needed someone with her kindness, unconditional love, knowledge, and guidance.  Namaste D.M.
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