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 Joy is my birthright!
   Now is your time!
               Testimonies Continued
Dr. Eirene,
I was in bed for two months with my stomach swelled, I could not move.  I prayed the Lord to send help to me my angel came when Mayra told me about you. On the first Reiki you did to me my stomach was normal on my other two I was feelong like I nvever did before! I sincerely thank you, Gods blessings cause through your hands and I took it so I could feel better and to you to give me this seeds so I could give it to others so we could grow a better world and understanding.  God Beless you! Miriam Montalvo
Eirene has been an angel sent from above.  Thanks to her healing and compassionate heart I feel free from anger and recentment, something I have dealth with all my life.  I have gained so much knowledge about health and staying healthy for the rest of my life.  She's a gift from up above.  Thanks to her I no longer have the desire to eat animal flesh, diary or any other refined foods.  I feel wonderful, I feel alive and avove all that nothing can stop me.  I have learned to treat my body as a temple adn to pass on the example to other so that we can make a difference in this world.  God bless her. She's so very special and I wish her the very best. Love Laura Medina
Days before my 18th birthday I developed some sort stomach virus.  I had diarhrea and was throwing up all night.  I called Dr. Eirene and she did distant healing for me.  I never threw up or anything the rest of the night.  My brother and mother had the stomach virus before me and they were sick for days.  I was only sick for one night.  That is a testamony of the power of long distant healing.  Krystin
Dear Dr. Eirene,
Thanks you for being part of the Body & Soul program at the John F. Kennedy Public Library and bringing a little enlightenment to our community.  Your participation helped make this even a success.  We couldn't have done it without you.  The public truly enjoyed your demonstartions and w've hear nothing but positive feedback. 
Again, thank you for your participation and support of the Library . We look forowrd to the opportunity of partnering with you again for future programs.  Sincerely, Maria T. gomez Literacy program Director Hialeah Public Libraries
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