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                           Testimonies Continued
Eirene has been a dear friend of mine for the past five years.  I have seen her go through the healing process through nutritional, and spirtual healing.  In seeing all the postive changes that shhad experienced she has inspired me to follow the same concepts.  Originally I became interested in nutritional healing to loose weight and have more energy.  I managed to loose 25 pounds about 6 months after having my baby. A year later through a detoxification fast of 2 1/2 days and a Reiki session following a few days later my body released an ovarian cyst that I never knew I had.  This was alamring to me knowing that I wanted to have more children in the future.  However Eirene reassured me how effective and powerful nutritional healing could be and I knew that I could overcome this naturally.  Eirene has also shared with me a wealth of information regarding the chemicals and poisons found in our every day enviroment including our food, air, water, toiletries, prescription drugs and vacciations.  With this information she has empowered me to make better choices in order to improve my health and the health of my loved ones.  Eirene has not only helped me improve my physical well being, she has also healped me impore myself spiritually.  I am not such a stress ball anymore.  As a career womand a a mother I have been running in the rat race which has not given time to enjoy life.  Now through positive affirmations and being more in tune to the present moment I am learning to put my priorities first like myself and my family.  
Eirene you are an amazing person and you have been such an inspirtational person in my life it is hard to explain the depth in which you have healped me and my family.  You have helped me begin apthat that will lead me to optimal wellness and spirituality. I am forever grateful and blessed to know you.  Thank you! Diana
I have always known that I have to do this becoming closer to nature is somethihg that will further open doors for my spirituality.  There is only so mch my soul can do without my body's cooperation.  Altough I have always embraced my emotions, I knew it was time for a change when all I was streams of exploding emotions.  The raer I am the more aware I have become shich has made a huge difference, especially in the way I interact with the people I love! I no longer have misplaced emotions getting in the way of my love filled life. Damaris
Last week I was in severe pain to the point that it hurt to move or breath.  Dr. Eirene said that she would do distance healing on me .  This past week has been so different! I didn't even take the pain medication that I had been taking.  Through Dr E. I expereienced a major break through. Dr. E. through God has sucn an intensity and healing spirit.  I'm so happy to get relief!I feel like I'm on a cloud.  Thank you for being such a channel . Peace, love and blessings, Vernetta.
 Joy is my birthright!
   Now is your time!
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